Derek (imnotshortorami) wrote,

Vikings are awesome

Dude, Vikings are incredible. Like they probably would've conquered all of freaking Europe if they wanted to. I mean they took England head on and did freaking awesome. Then they just kinda left...that was odd. They took over northern France than they settled there intermarried and just ended their reign of chaos. That is just odd I might add I mean they were very blood thirsty and they raided anything. Their favorite place was catholic churches and junks cause they had the most silver. I really have no idea why they just stopped pillaging and taking over land if someone knows plz enlighten me.
Yeah it just boggles the mind how they were pretty much unstoppable to the extent of my knowledge on the subject which I must say is probably better than most but is next to none at the same time. Maybe they just wanted there own land to call their own that didn't suck so much. I mean their shipbuilding was freaking DYNOMITE...didn't take too long to make was fast/efficient and could go further than anyone elses. A WHOLE LOT FUTHER. They settled up in Canada for a lil while but to a pretty bad place cause it was high up where it was cold. If they just went a lil further down they would've populated Canada and things may have been a whole lot different than they would be today.
They could've changed history a lot more..Maybe they just chose to settle down cause they just took northern france and intermarried and just became part of the French people and it just ended like that.
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