Derek (imnotshortorami) wrote,

change and some pointless ranting

My attempts to fix the issue has been in vain because I don't want it fixed. If I fix it the same thing will happen again. I want to destroy because if you I caused other FREAKING chaos than things will at least change. If I want a big changed I gotta cause a little chaos. I feel I can cause plenty :)

I'm just sick of it. I'm sick of people who live in this country insulting it so freaking much. If the United States Of America is so freaking bad than why do we have so many people immigrating here. Why are so many countries striving to have what we have. People insult are economy LOOK AT EUROPE THEY ARE TAKING ADVICE FROM OUR apparent horrible economy because Europes economy is so much worse.
If were so bad than why do we provide the most help for other countries. We spend Billions of dollars on Africa alone. Aside from the uzi we have supplied Isreal with all of its top weapons. (The uzi is very nice I wish we invented it. Except its really more of a spread fire weapon like if you kick open a door and just kill everybodd. Not great like the m-16 for convential warfare.) Anyways I can go on and on and if you don't belive just im sometime and if your reading this chances are you know my sn. But seriously people who immigrate here do not complain about this country. The citizens of this country who insult and bring it down our (and I quote Mike Savage, Radio Host who airs twice a day on 570 and wrote a book with this title)the Enemy Within.
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